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Commercial Domes

Creative Use Of Your Outdoor Space


Dome Sizes

Let's face it, people no longer get excited by traditional marquees, but the futuristic and distinctive dome-shaped structures range will not only give your outdoor space the Wow Factor but also offer you a great point of difference. Our T Domes provide arguably some of the most eye-catching marquees you've ever seen. Our T Domes are designed in Holland and manufactured to stringent strength and safety certification standards.

  • Permanent or semi-permanent installation
  • The 6 sizes range from 17m2 for the Lounger M to a whopping 175m2 for the Hexadome L
  • Modular style allowing multiple units to be joined
  • Fantastic opportunity for extending your event capacity outdoors
  • Smooth round shapes and a robust tubular structure; by using 6082T6 aluminium, the tubes are lightweight, but as strong as steel
  • Multiple colour and branding options
  • High-quality sail-making

Each T Dome has its own unique style and design: smooth round shapes and a robust tubular structure. By using 6082T6 aluminium, the tubes are lightweight, but as strong as steel. The parts used to connect the tubes to each other are high strength precision steel and are thermal galvanized. This guarantees a long life and a good fit. High quality stainless steel cables from the marine industry give the structures extra strength and rigidity. As for the sail-making, we can guarantee a high level of quality.

Personalised Design

We offer the ability to personalise the products. The covers and walls can be digitally printed in high resolution and the frame tubes can be coated or anodized. The fast and simple construction and low transport volume make the products economically and environmentally sound. All products are modular so they can be connected endlessly and large areas can be covered.

Our Activities

  • Rooftop canopies, restaurants, bars, car dealerships, pool canopies
  • Events & private use (shelters, carport, pergola)
  • Product launches, brand activation, sponsorship, corporate functions, promotional marquees and hospitality marquees
  • Public events, sporting events, music & dance festivals
  • Exhibitions, markets, showrooms, shopping centres, airports, train stations
  • We also specialise in printed corporate marquees for companies wanting branded assets
  • We work with festival directors, wedding planners, councils, sporting clubs, event managers and corporate companies looking for hospitality marquees and a marketing edge (through our full cover print service), as well as with education facilities looking for weather cover.
  • Home & Garden

  • Commercial

Tailored To Your Home or Business
Design & Install Anywhere in the UK
Manufactured To The Highest Standards

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