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Traditional Awnings

Traditional Shading, Precision Engineering

  • Markilux 730-830 Drop ArmFull cassette drop arm
  • Box AwningsTraditional Awnings
  • Drop Arm AwningsTraditional Awnings
  • Dutch AwningsTraditional Awnings
  • Markilux 730-830 Drop Arm
    Full cassette drop arm

    The Markilux 730 (with square cassette) respectively 830 (with round cassette) is a drop arm-cassette awning: up to 140° every angle that the arm should tilt at can be individually defined – for ideal and flexible adjustment of light, shade and climate. Special gas pistons in the drop arms ensure a taut awning cover.

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  • Box Awnings
    Traditional Awnings

    Box Awnings are folding awnings that close into a protective pre-made case or box. When the awning is closed, the cassette box protects the cover and the mechanical parts against environmental influences including rain, snow and storms, and can be customised to be the same colour as the shop front.

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  • Drop Arm Awnings
    Traditional Awnings

    The drop arm awning is a very traditional canopy which are totally bespoke to suit any building. Not only do we supply & install new drop arm awnings, but we can supply recovers for the canopies too.

    Drop Arm awnings are stylish yet enable customers to keep out direct sun whilst maximising the daylight. The projection can be adjusted to any angle so that it may provide a visually appealing look as well as shading for customers.

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  • Dutch Awnings
    Traditional Awnings

    All of our dutch awnings are manufactured to your requirements & can be used for both the retail and domestic markets. They are made from heavy duty aluminium frames that have been powder coated so they are virtually maintenance free.

    Retractable Dutch Canopies are fairly traditional, but still popular as they are stylish and effective. They can protect your interior furnishings from the sun well & provide ample protection.

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  • Markilux 730-830 Drop ArmFull cassette drop arm
  • Box AwningsTraditional Awnings
  • Drop Arm AwningsTraditional Awnings
  • Dutch AwningsTraditional Awnings


Directing the sun, setting light or fading out rain; Awnings by Markilux create: they open new space, they accompany through the seasons.

Materials are of highest quality and offer a broad variety of use; they are extremely weather resistant, robust, versatile…Just the best quality, homemade by Markilux.

Intelligent features extend all functions. The manufacturing quality is unique; the installation is exclusively handled by Gower SailShades & Awnings Ltd. Those who own a Markilux will always enjoy it.

  • They are incredibly simple, easy to use and very elegant
  • Markilux use the latest modern technology in the manufacturing of our awnings
  • If used in a windy area, our motorised awnings can be fitted with a motion sensor which will retract the awning if the winds get too strong for the awning to be out
  • An awning gives protection from the sun as it is primarily a sun shade, but it is also good shelter from the rain
  • They are designed specifically for your business with a wide range of mechanics, designs and colours
  • Home & Garden

  • Commercial

Tailored To Your Home or Business
Design & Install Anywhere in the UK
Manufactured To The Highest Standards

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